While you and your coaches elevate your game we can elevate your look! Get your high quality professionally designed jerseys here!


Take your jersey’s to the next level with a completely customized look. Send us your ideas and we will get it to print!

Recycle that

Get rid of those old cotton t-shirts and bring in some new fully sublimated shirts! We can customize to your liking.

We grew up wearing tee-shirts to play hockey. Until 2014 when we noticed a team from Buffalo changing the game with their new gear. Once their slick style of uniform raised the bar, we realized that it may be a good idea to dress the part. In 2015, 2 and 10 brought our unique ideas to life. Everything we had in our minds in a dream literally became a reality. The unlimited choice of creativity in design makes our imaginations enjoy working with artists. The light-weight, quick dry material is ideal for our sport. The cost is good for the quality. Thanks for putting the Team Pittsburgh GODS on the rink in style.

2 and 10 custom apparel is definitely the place to go if you want custom apparel for you’re team, we got the Misfits custom uniforms for Dek Hockey, definitely the best thing we did from the detailed design, the light weigh/breathable material perfect for sports… would highly recommend this company tell him Justin from the Misfits sent ya and he’ll hook you up!!